Hiring An Escort

My Experience Hiring An Escort

I recently learnt from a friend who had recently hired an escort that it was indeed a very enjoyable experience. He said that he had a great time and also that it was a great idea because he did not have time to actually have a girlfriend. I am also in the same ballpark. Because of my job, I don’t really enough time to go to a bar and hook up with someone or ask anyone out on a date. It has become impossible, and my sex life suffers because of it.

Therefore, I thought to myself that I had more than enough money to spare and that I had a whole weekend to have some fun. So I took the number of the escort agency and gave them a call on a Friday night. They responded to the call pretty quick and asked what kind of service I was looking for. I told them, and they also asked me a couple of questions which I answered without any issues. An escort was assigned pretty soon, and the appointment was fixed at 7 pm on Friday.

The escort, let’s call her Anna, arrived on time and I have to say that I was very impressed. She was indeed a very attractive person who I was very happy to receive. She knew that I would be taking her out for dinner, so she came dressed incredibly for the occasion. So we left for dinner, had a great time, talked for hours, and finally, we headed back to our hotel room. When we got there, we actually took a shower together, and that was undoubtedly a great experience. When that was done, we headed to the bed, and I have to say that she was really good at what she does. I got the feeling that I had never had such a great experience, ever and then I was glad that I had hired her. I also thought that I had got more than my money’s worth.

Even though I had hired her for the entire weekend, I felt that it was not enough time, so after everything was done on Friday night, we actually stayed up for hours, talking and playing sex games with one another. It was actually the most fun I had with someone in months. We spent the entire Saturday doing the same thing. We even ordered room service so that we did not have to step out of the room.

I know that my experience was indeed a great one, but that’s because I got an amazing person my first time itself. It did not make me want to hire escorts more; it made me realize what was missing in my life, so I am now looking for a partner. It did teach me a great lesson which I needed to learn.