Mixed martial arts (MMA) have become one of the most sought-after sports to wager on in recent years, surpassing boxing matches both in terms of popularity and wagering amounts. As this sport involves high stakes wagering, MMA bettors seek odds that offer them value for their money.

A sound betting strategy can help you win on every fight night. It is essential to remember that MMA is a sport with many variables and it can be challenging to predict how the fight will unfold. To maximize your chances of success, always research the fighters you plan on betting on so that you understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding Each Fighter’s Strengths

Every fighter in the UFC has strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these is essential for making informed wagers, as each will respond differently under duress in a high-pressure situation.

For instance, a fighter who has recently suffered a knockout loss may become defensive in the octagon, leading to changes in approach and style that could prove costly for an opponent.

When handicapping a fight, weight is another important factor to consider. Some fighters are better at cutting and maintaining their weight than others while others find it more challenging. This can be especially true when trying to move down in weight class or competing for the first time in a new category.

When Betting On Fighters

Before placing any bets, it’s essential to review a fighter’s record and personal history. A fighter with an injury or mental setback could have had issues that have adversely impacted their performance. If this has been the case for them, take note of any weaknesses they may possess.

Fighters who have had difficulty mastering a particular skill may make for good bets, as this could indicate an area where they lack confidence or experience. This is an effective way to find strong bets with low risks.

The Reach of Each Fighter

A fighter with a great reach can keep their opponent at bay and make it more likely that they will prevail in the fight. Their long arms enable them to land punches and kicks with precision, making them an attractive pick as a result.

The Height and Weight of Each Fighter

Height and weight can be an important factor in each fighter’s success. A taller fighter may have a better reach and be more effective on the ground; on the contrary, those with shorter frames are more vulnerable to opponent punches.

You should take into account each fighter’s age when choosing who to watch. Some are in their late twilight years, while others are younger and still have time to develop into world-class MMA champions.